At the beginning of the year, I had great plans for my One Little Word, FRESH. I had planned to eat healthier foods, declutter my house, exercise regularly again, and be outdoors more. I documented all of these ideas in my first assignment for One Little Word.



However, due to cold wintry weather and a few health issues, my plans went right out the window. Many days I did not feel like cooking, much less planning healthy homemade meals. We started a home improvement project which is causing more clutter than less. I did not have the desire to exercise and I was stuck in the house while during the snow, rain, and extremely cold temperatures.



When February arrived, I was not looking forward to doing the One Little Word assignment. I knew that my word had not been very visible in my life during January and I felt disappointed. However, I knew that if I did not at least attempt the next assignment, I would feel even less connected to my word. So I went online to found out what this month had in store.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a reflection exercise that allowed me to create cute cards for my album as a place to document the journey with my word last month. I crafted the cards and wrote down my feelings of disappointment about my word in January.


The next part of February’s assignment was to create intention cards—specific goals I want to meet and actions I want take in the next eleven months.


As I wrote the January reflection card and the intention cards, I realized that I still have plenty of time to work with my word this year. Also, there were many unplanned events in January that will actually allow me to reach my goals later this year. Even though I did not necessarily eat as FRESH as I wanted, I did have time to read new cookbooks and get ideas on better meals. The house may be a mess right now, but after our project is over, our home will be more FRESH and the decluttering will follow. And because I was indoors much of the past month, I completed several scrapbooking projects and researched FRESH ideas for future pages. As February comes to a close, I am looking forward to next month’s assignment!

The Month of Love

Ahhhh, February–the month of love! Every year this short month rolls around with its pink hearts and chocolate candies so that we can celebrate the ones we love. This month at Simple Scrapper, we are celebrating love of all kinds. The Story Starters from the Premium Membership contain prompts to help you document all the people and things that you love. And, as always, there are great Sketch Templates (also from the Premium Membership) to assist you in creating your page.

When scrapbooking about love, make sure to include those less obvious things–your lovable pets, places you love to visit, your favorite restaurants, even an app! Instagram is an app that has been popular for a while now, but it never appealed to me. However, just recently I started using Instagram and now I love it! I used a Story Starter that prompted me to write about a love that surprised me. This Sketch Template was perfect for showcasing a few of my favorite Instagram pictures.


The second story starter I chose prompted me to write about when I knew it was love. I enjoyed making this layout so much–documenting those very early days in my relationship with my husband. Even though this story is about a past event, I used a recent photo of my husband–mainly because I really like the picture! But I also wanted to contrast those early feelings of first love with the love that has grown between the two of us over the years, which is reflected in the photo I used.


So in this month of love, explore all the things around you that hold dear. Your stories can be as fun as documenting why you cannot live without your favorite coffee or as deep as retelling the story of your very first love. And check out all the love at Simple Scrapper!